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A Refreshing West African Traditional Drink

Drinking a bottle of Ginjan juice is like an explosion of traditional flavors in your mouth! Made of fresh ginger, pineapples, lemons, vanilla, anise and cane sugar, Ginjan is absolutely delicious and refreshing.


After moving to the United States from Guinea, brothers Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo couldn’t find a quality traditional ginger drink they grew up with.  That’s when they decided to make their own drink using their mother’s recipe. ginjansetup

Ginger has many health benefits.  It is a powerful anti-oxidant, helps boost your immune system and helps combat nausea and motion sickness.  Now you can have this 1000 year old recipe made of the highest quality of organic ingredients packaged beautifully as a refreshing drink everyday.

Cheers! From Africa to you.

Ginjan is now available at your local Whole Foods and Amazon.



INSTAGRAM: @ginjanbros

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